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Our aim is to become your resource and partner in building out your brand and business. We cultivated one site for both the consumer seeking organic products and services and you the industry business providers, processors and purveyors. We respect your devotion and resources dedicated to becoming certified, maintaining that certification to the highest organic standards to make sure you are providing the conscience consumer with quality pure products and services. We have created an online environment that allows you to connect and build your business within your alliances and prospects.

The consumer uses the Organic Assistant as the place to find certified organic products. We also have businesses and services that are either certified or use certified organic products. Our database is packed with products from suppliers across the United States – and it's growing all the time!

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Our purpose is to become their resource and reference for all their organic needs. We are dedicated to doing the research for the consumer to ensure we are providing them with certified brands, products and services. We are the one site linking both the consumer seeking certified organic products and services and you, the industry providers of these products and businesses.

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"Organic Food industry grew to $35.1 billion last year."
Source: US Times
"Organic Trade Association: US retail sales of organics grew 11.5% to $35.1bn in 2013"
By Elaine WATSON, 13-May-2014
"Non food agricultural products account for $2.2 billion in organic sales."
Source: Organic Trade Association
"Organic and Natural sales increased to nearly $53.5 billion in 2014"
Source: Natural and Organic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 4th Edition
"Organic foods sector leaping ahead 12.5% in 2014"
Source: Natural and Organic Foods and Beverages in the U.S., 4th Edition